Thursday, 6 March 2014

Beauty rituals that women follow around the world!

India is not the only country where people believe in different beauty rituals but there’re people around the world who also follow amazing beauty techniques. Not only are they intriguing, but also completely natural. So, next time when your mother gives you an earful about a good old champi, do not just dismiss that.

Here we give you some exciting beauty rituals followed by people in different countries:

1. Potato slice for dark circles (Spanish ritual): People in Spain use very thin potato slices over their eyes to lighten dark circles. It takes only ten minutes to give their effect. You will notice that they actually lighten the skin reducing the blueness of the veins under your eyes. 

2. Kiss cellulite goodbye (Brazilian way): Brazilian women used to rub sand on their bodies. For cellulite, dry brushing is the best, natural and probably, the only way to getting rid of them. So, use sand to kiss cellulite goodbye.

3. TLC for lips (Greek type): Greek and Italian women use olive oil to sooth and repair chapped lips. It is the best treatment to heal dry and irritated skin. It also conditions skin and lips while making it glow beautifully.

4. Beat ageing (Chinese style): Drink white tea if you want to defy age-related problems. Chinese ladies used to protects their skin drinking white tea. To save you skin from free radicals and you don't need to worry about Botox, fillers, collagen and the likes. 

5. Dandruff, give it a bay (Australian way):  Australian use eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil to remove dandruff. Use the same with your shampoo and kiss those flakes goodbye. This is a foolproof trick from down under to getting rid of dandruff. Be careful with the essential oils though. Massage your scalp with a few drops to see the change.

6. Applying eye cream. The under-eye area is so sensitive that eye cream must be applied slowly, in a gentle dabbing motion, preferably with your pinkie. This ritual gives me plenty of time to look in the mirror, examine my wrinkles, and confront my mortality.

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