Sunday, 12 August 2012

Learn what your handwriting says about you!

Every action speaks louder than words so does the handwriting of yours! Neat, complex, fussy, sophisticated, running letters or clumsy compilations, every written word entails something about you. Let’s have a look at some quickies which can trace out the real you through how you write:

1. Neat and Clean: If you are one of them who have always been complimented due to neat and clean notes, then it says that you are quite focused regarding issues of life rather than the one who writes smudgy.

2. Space says a lot: Handwriting analysis depends upon the way you mark curves and stretches of written alphabets and even on the space used between words speak a lot. Huge spaces between words say that the person needs more space in life and relationships.

3. Small and big spill beans about you: Letters used, whether small or huge also denotes your desires to get established in life. Those who write in small letters are more detail oriented, sharp minded and quick learners. Those who write big letters are willing to show off and make a mark of them in public.

4. Cursive writers: Cursive writing speaks open mindedness and flexibility towards other’s ideas and disconnected writing denotes the virtue of being unconventional and innovations.

5. Light V/S Pressurized writing: Those who write with pressure are possessive and wish to do something unique and outstanding in life. Light writers are more creative.

Writing speaks a lot about one’s personality and its all on how one writes rather than what is written.
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