Saturday, 21 July 2012

Which coffee you prefer and know what it says about you!

Aroma of coffee is one of the most favorite fragrances in almost everyone’s list. Working people can’t spend a day without a coffee and almost every one of us wakes up with a coffee mug in hand. Cappuccino, plain black, espresso, latte and many more yummy flavors of coffee make us drool over it, but are you aware of the fact that coffee can spill beans about your personality? 

Yes your coffee type can say a lot about you even before you speak. Let’s get into the beans to know more:

1. Cappuccino: Cappuccino lovers need not to bite their nail being scanned as these are the most optimistic lot who always stretch hands to meet new people and love to have good people around without getting obsessed with them. Cons of it include the easy and fast boredom which is observed in cappuccino lovers.

2. Latte: By choosing Latte you are showing your childish side as Latte is the lightest form and sort of milky beverage. We are not mocking you here for your chosen coffee type and in fact these kinds of persons are found more reliable, cozy and thorough.

3. Espresso: Skeptical, sardonic and sarcastic but not boring, these people are experienced and exciting lovers. Unwavering reliability and instant decision making ability is not their cup of tea.

4. Plain Black Coffee: Plain black coffee lovers hate adornments and are straight forward without frilling or sugar coating the issue. Though they are mostly quiet and cranky but they are potentially good partners or companions.

So which one happens to be your trait!
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