Monday, 18 February 2013

I would have loved to play RK: Drashti Dhami

She’s riding high on the success of her Colors show, Madhubala, but Drashti Dhami claims she still has miles to go. The pretty actor has also acquired a huge fan following, and many of them shower her with gifts too. “I return them,” she says, thankful that no one has asked her to marry them or 
sent her letters written in blood so far.
What is the best and worst part of your job?
The best part is having to look good everyday, but the worst part is that I have to, everyday. It’s an effort, especially on days when you’re low on energy and just want to be in your pyjamas. I need to doll up when I’m shooting for a wedding scene. Along with heavy make-up, wearing wigs is also a pain. For the scene where Balraj was shot, we shot in the sun for over a week, and that was tough.
The worst role/scene you’ve enacted?
I’ve done three shows so far, so there’s a lot to do. Usually, if you’re in a bad mood and have to shoot a funny scene, it is tough. Even when you’re in a great mood but have to perform a sad scene, it’s difficult.
Which TV shows do you watch?
I used to watch Bade Achhe Lagte Hain when it started. I also saw some bits after the leap happened. It’s one show that has stayed in the news since its launch. The baby, Pihu, is adorable. I would watch it for her.
Name a show whose content and success has surprised you.
I never thought Diya Baati Aur Hum would do so well. I haven’t watched the show, but I have heard about it, and it has been number one for a while now. Even Balika Vadhu has great content and doesn’t drag. My mother watches it regularly.
What topics would you like to see on TV?
There should be something on the fashion industry. The concept, clothes and actors on the show would have to be beautiful.
If you had to do another role in your show, which one would it be?
I would play RK, obviously. He has so much attitude and so many shades to his role — a good, bad and a grey side. It is believed that female actors have the best roles in TV shows, but in Madhubala, RK’s role has more shades.
Fitness regime:
 I hardly ever work out. I keep thinking of exercising, but I hardly get the time. I do keep a check on my diet, and avoid oily and fatty food. I’m also blessed with good genes. My mother, who is 58, is still very slim.
Hobbies: Sleeping. I don’t have much free time, so whenever I do, I sleep. In between, I had started dancing, but I couldn’t continue.
Where I live: With my parents, in Borivali.
Car I Drive: Hyundai i20
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