Tuesday, 12 February 2013

What Are Beauty Tips for Your Zodiac Sign?


March 21 - April 20
Aries is a sign that is ruled by the head and the face. It is also known as a sign of many very beautiful people. Makeup and a haircut and style that emphasize your face shape and natural beauty are essential. Even tinted lip gloss and black mascara is enough to highlight your good looks. If you're looking for a fun update, blond highlights and funky hats are good to experiment with. 
April 21 - May 21
Taurus is ruled by the neck and throat. Because of this, you can rock a scarf with style. If scarves aren't your thing, try a choker or short necklace. A male Taurus seems to be able to pull off even the trendiest of ties.
The importance of good neck care will increase with age, so don't forget a quality skin cream. 


May 22 - June 21
Gemini is ruled by the arms, shoulders and nerves. This means that female Geminis tend to look best in strappy or strapless dresses and tops.
Scent is a powerful sense for the Gemini, so a signature perfume or cologne that makes them feel sexy is key. Geminis should also get frequent manicures to really accentuate their arms. 


June 22 - July 22
Cancer is ruled by the stomach, breasts and lungs. Almost all people of this sign look great in a bikini, even if they carry a few extra pounds.
Your decolletage and chest are your strong points, so keep the area moisturized and glowing. A necklace that just hits the cleavage can add to the appeal. 


July 23 - August 21
Leo is ruled by the heart, back and spine, but their soul shines through their eyes, which you should play up at every opportunity. Metallic shadows can help with this. Men look great in tailored suits and women look fab in backless dresses. Leo is a royal sign and women should try to stay away from flat boring hair and instead add body with products or better yet, pile it on top of your head in a unique and crazy do that you discover on your own. The best colors for a Leo are orange and red. 


August 22 - September 23
Virgo is ruled by the stomach, so accentuating the waist is a must. You will look great in anything cinched at the waist, and belts are your best friends.
Virgo is also known for being a conservative and innocent sign, so that should be reflected in your makeup. Choose multifunctional colors, like peaches and pale pinks, that you can use on your eyes, cheeks and lips for an all-over glow. Keep things neutral.


September 24 - October 23
Libra is ruled by the kidneys, which affects the skin and complexion. You should eat a good diet and stay away from smoking to keep your skin young and supple. Try using a bright unique lip shade for a pop of color. Libras love their accessories and you should try finding a fun, unusual purse.  Colors that look best on a Libra are pink, yellow and aqua. 


October 24 - November 22
Scorpio is ruled by the reproductive organs, and they tend to put a lot of stock in a nice looking booty. The right pair of jeans to accentuate the behind is a must for both sexes.
Scorpio is known for being mysterious and sexy, so try rocking a smoky eye to play up that image. A dark manicure is another Scorpio staple; and precision haircuts accentuate your edgy appeal -- no messy 'dos!


November 23 - December 22
Sagittarius is ruled by the thighs and hips. For this reason, a good workout regimen is necessary to keep yourself in top form. Garters and stockings look fab on the archer.
Sags tend to be on the go a lot, so a good hair care regiment with quality products is necessary to keep hair looking healthy and shiny. This sign loves to have fun with their look and can pull off bright colors like no other. Play with colored eyeliners and on-trend, bold lips. 


December 23 - January 20
Capricorn is ruled by the legs, and they should always be emphasized as much as possible, whether with tight pants, short skirts or even a sexy boot. High heels can also make legs look long and lean.
Shimmery makeup and pastel colors typically look great with this sign's coloring. Keep it simple, though. Things like a tinted lip balm will suit you better than a complicated makeup regime.


January 21 - February 19
Aquarius is ruled by the ankles, so a sleek pair of ankle boots is a key accessory.
Aquarius likes to experiment, so don't be afraid of color streaks in your hair or dip-dyed ends. A good bronzer can also do wonders for your skin tone. 


February 20 - March 20
Pisces is ruled by the feet. Of course, this means they love shoes and are always in need of pedicures to keep their tootsies gleaming.
Pisces should play up their eyes with eyeliner and shimmery shadow. When doing a bold eye, be sure to tone down the rest of your makeup, opting for a soft lip and avoiding highly pigmented cheeks. 
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