Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Learn simple and fun filled ways to change your Living Room!

Our living room is one place in house where all the occupants of the home gather, thus the atmosphere and interior of the living room should be attractive, impressive and peaceful. And you may be surprised at how easy it is to create a new look simply by rearranging what you already have, or by purchasing a few inexpensive accessories.

Interior designer Raseel Gujral lists simple fun ways to do up your living room.

1. Personality: It important to give your living room an image that reflects your image and nature. It should be designed in such a way that it speaks to you with volume and personality.

2. Unusual pairing: Attempt the unexpected things and leave all to wonder how you have completed it. For example a beautiful antique in an otherwise contemporary living room setting is something unexpected.

3. Art talks: Original art is unmatchable, so if you’re an art lover then place all your beloved things in the room. Exquisite pieces of art can hold an entire space together.

4. Touch of unapologetic glamour: Give a jazz look to your room, if you’re a kind of glamorous person. Just don’t go too loud and give a touch of Venetian glass that can change the look of a room!

5. Color: It has power to change the entire look. Pick colors as per your choice, match and requirement. Separate colors according to members, like for kid’s room pick vibrant colors and for parents pick classy colors.
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