Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Shed belly fat in three fastest ways!

Is your increasing paunch becoming a reason of your sleepless nights? Here are the ways following which you can tone your stomach and flaunt best in you within just three ways. 

You know attractive body make good impression on people but your over-sized stomach make you feel anxious among colleagues, friends and family. Losing weight on your midriff could seem very challenging, but if you push yourself a little further, you can easily shed those extra kilos from your abs and flaunt an envious one. It is suggestive that instead of feeling bad, learn these following fastest ways to lose belly weight!

1. Side plank exercise: You may find this little difficult but this abs exercise is far effective then your expectation. Hold your body in a straight line from head to feet with your elbow directly beneath your shoulder. Hold the position for as long as you can without letting your hips drop, then repeat on the other side.

2. Walkout from push up position: This workout requires your full body movement. Start in a push up position with your hands two inches wider than your shoulders. Now walk hands out as far as possible then walk back. Repeat this for 12-14 times.

3. The alligator drag: Effective to your whole body this exercise helps you to burn extra calories. It is a combo of stability, cardio and strength training. In a big space move 10 to 20 yards forwards and grab anything that will slide the surface with minimal friction. Than start push up with your feet on slides. Walk yourself forward with your hands to the end of the runway and repeat the alligator back walk from where you started.
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