Tuesday, 27 August 2013

How to get the classy low-furniture look for your living room?

In order to keep your living room free from messy and hefty look, go for low furniture and less room-accessories style that is currently in the home-d├ęcor market. From white and light colored walls that help to enhance the sense of space in the room, to bright colored curtain, fix minimal furniture in your room to give it a no furniture look.

Low furniture can be housed in any room and can be mixed with any style. However, it looks aesthetically appealing to have seating arrangements that are of similar heights if not exactly the same. Here are more details about the concept of low furniture:

1. A fantastic floor: For no furniture look, you need to arrange a beautiful floor. It can be wood, tiles, stones, like marble or granite etc. Floor should be perfect and sleek because it plays a part of decoration here.

2. LCD screen television: You can place your LCD screen TV on the floor at one end of the room close to a wall, just to give it a more of living room look. You can place some ornaments, like statue of Buddha. Also you can use any artefact that is not very tall. A CD rack and a tall sound-box stand next to each other on the other side of the LCD.   

3. Bright colored carpet and curtains:  For a monochromatic look of your room, add a bright yellow carpet that lends a certain character to it. You can place a rug or carpet that is very colorful on the floor under the sofa to get a cozy look. Sheer curtains let in ample natural light. White and light colored walls enhance the sense of space in the room. 

4. Chair and table: To get an ‘almost no furniture look’ arrange your dining room cleverly. Traditional chairs can be replaced completely with cushions. The low dining table makes the room look very spacious and large. 

5. Lamps and ceiling lights: You can add one or two floor lamps and a couple of ceiling lights to make the room look bright.
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