Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Learn the quick and simple shortcut road to happiness!

Life gives us so much, sometimes good and sometimes bad. Be it a depression of break-up or failure in exam, whatever be the reason of your gloominess, there is always way to get out from the whole. It depends on you to make up your mind first and accept the reality and try to beat the blue. 

We know it is not that easy, but always remember when there is a will there is a way! Now, try these following shortcuts to the road of happiness and smiles.

1. Buy play tickets, not shoes: Report says experiences make us happier than objects. The memories attached with objects fades faster than good memories. So, next time when you feel gloomy, go for a holiday rather to spend your money on shoes, bags and all.

2. Spend time with pals: No one can replace the love you get from your friends. They can be the best one to pull you out from any stress. Also, instead of going out for drinks or a meal, try something different - such as mastering a new game.

3. Switch off the telly: Don’t spend your alone time watching television. Unhappy people watch 20% more television than self-described happy people, according to scientists. Reading was an activity linked to happier folks in the study.

4. Check your bank balance: Money makes you happy when it is under your control. It can’t buy happiness, but research says control of your finances most certainly makes you feel better. 

5. Do a good deed: Volunteer yourself for a good cause. Doing something nice for free can increase your self-esteem and well-being. It is a good way to boost your positive behaviour and energy.

6. Fake a smile: There is no harm intending a fake smile while around your college mates, watching cartoon and doing other hobbies.

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