Wednesday, 28 August 2013

How to apply makeup step by step guidelines

Girls are synonymous to makeup and when it comes to the techniques, they can go to any extent to learn the right process, its advantage, disadvantages, its after effect and how to continue using makeup sans damaging skin.

Now if you are among those crazy women, then here we bring you the best step-by-step procedure to apply makeup.

Step 1. Prep the skin: According to Nabanita Chakraborty, makeup expert with an international makeup brand, “Prepping the skin includes four steps within it. Cleansing, toning, applying serum (which is the food for the skin) and finally moisturizing. Many people forget to use a serum and only stick to cleansing, toning and moisturizing; applying a serum is equally important.”

Step 2: Foundation: First of all, buy a foundation which is closest to your skin tone, because too much foundation makes you look like clown and too little, gives you an unpolished appearance. There are particular foundations available in market as per your skin tone. “Take your foundation and mix it with a bit of serum. Then take a powder brush and apply it on your face in circles,” says Nabanita.

Step 3: Makeup: “Take a medium shade eye-shadow and apply it from your lash line, till the crease of your eyes. You can choose pastels, light copper and bronze. Then take a dark, coffee-brown eye pencil and line very close to the upper eye lash. Then smudge it a bit,” explains Nabanita.

“Do the same under your eyes as well; from the middle of the lower eye lash to the outer corner. Then smudge it, pulling it inwards. Apply mascara and you're done with the eyes. Put on a shade of blush on your cheekbones to accentuate it and you're done,” she added.

Step 4: Lips: Nabanita says, “Take a neutral shade, the one closest to your lip colour and apply it on your lips. You can even pick up a nude shade. Then, take a lip colour on your finger and stain your lips with it. Then just at the centre of your lips apply gloss.”

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

How to get the classy low-furniture look for your living room?

In order to keep your living room free from messy and hefty look, go for low furniture and less room-accessories style that is currently in the home-d├ęcor market. From white and light colored walls that help to enhance the sense of space in the room, to bright colored curtain, fix minimal furniture in your room to give it a no furniture look.

Low furniture can be housed in any room and can be mixed with any style. However, it looks aesthetically appealing to have seating arrangements that are of similar heights if not exactly the same. Here are more details about the concept of low furniture:

1. A fantastic floor: For no furniture look, you need to arrange a beautiful floor. It can be wood, tiles, stones, like marble or granite etc. Floor should be perfect and sleek because it plays a part of decoration here.

2. LCD screen television: You can place your LCD screen TV on the floor at one end of the room close to a wall, just to give it a more of living room look. You can place some ornaments, like statue of Buddha. Also you can use any artefact that is not very tall. A CD rack and a tall sound-box stand next to each other on the other side of the LCD.   

3. Bright colored carpet and curtains:  For a monochromatic look of your room, add a bright yellow carpet that lends a certain character to it. You can place a rug or carpet that is very colorful on the floor under the sofa to get a cozy look. Sheer curtains let in ample natural light. White and light colored walls enhance the sense of space in the room. 

4. Chair and table: To get an ‘almost no furniture look’ arrange your dining room cleverly. Traditional chairs can be replaced completely with cushions. The low dining table makes the room look very spacious and large. 

5. Lamps and ceiling lights: You can add one or two floor lamps and a couple of ceiling lights to make the room look bright.

Learn the quick and simple shortcut road to happiness!

Life gives us so much, sometimes good and sometimes bad. Be it a depression of break-up or failure in exam, whatever be the reason of your gloominess, there is always way to get out from the whole. It depends on you to make up your mind first and accept the reality and try to beat the blue. 

We know it is not that easy, but always remember when there is a will there is a way! Now, try these following shortcuts to the road of happiness and smiles.

1. Buy play tickets, not shoes: Report says experiences make us happier than objects. The memories attached with objects fades faster than good memories. So, next time when you feel gloomy, go for a holiday rather to spend your money on shoes, bags and all.

2. Spend time with pals: No one can replace the love you get from your friends. They can be the best one to pull you out from any stress. Also, instead of going out for drinks or a meal, try something different - such as mastering a new game.

3. Switch off the telly: Don’t spend your alone time watching television. Unhappy people watch 20% more television than self-described happy people, according to scientists. Reading was an activity linked to happier folks in the study.

4. Check your bank balance: Money makes you happy when it is under your control. It can’t buy happiness, but research says control of your finances most certainly makes you feel better. 

5. Do a good deed: Volunteer yourself for a good cause. Doing something nice for free can increase your self-esteem and well-being. It is a good way to boost your positive behaviour and energy.

6. Fake a smile: There is no harm intending a fake smile while around your college mates, watching cartoon and doing other hobbies.

Smile a lot, because it makes you happy!

We all know that people are overburdened with work and pressure these days and often forget to smile, but this must not happen. You must know that it is your smile that can make you happy all day long. You can spend a lot of time and money for your make over, but nothing is possible without showing you 100 watt smile. 

The shape of your smile matters in making you happy. The shape changes the blood flow to the brain and actually makes you feel happier. The fact that smiling itself boosts your mood has a further positive impact because smiling has a contagious effect. When you smile at others, you are likely to get a smile back which increases your confidence and makes you feel happy.

If you think that it is just the eyes that speak of you, then you are wrong because your smile also talks about you and speaks of your feelings. Having a radiant smile sends a positive message to those around you. It tells people that you are happy to be in their presence, creating an optimistic feeling in others.

It is your smile that shows confidence. If you show your teeth, you reflect confidence and radiance. 

Friday, 16 August 2013

Losing weight cannot be done only by skipping meals!

When it comes to losing weight, most people catch the shorter and easy way ofdieting and skipping meals, which according to you helps you lose weight, but in reality it will just make you look weak and frail having freckles on your face as you are not consuming the required nutrients. Even the nutritionists agree that fasting and skipping meals is not a healthy way to lose weight. Well, you need not worry as there are interesting ways that will help you lose weight.
1- You must exercise and jog regularly. Begin by giving little time to jogging initially as you might develop cramps, but as you commence you can devote more time to it, like double the time and go for some more jogging, it is one of the most healthy way to stay fit and reduce weight.

2- Dry fruits are good for you in case you want to reduce weight. Pop in some dry fruits when you are hungry and they will take time to digest so you won’t hit on junk stuff more.

3- Meditation is another way to lose weight and get peace of mind. Additionally you will also get flawless skin with this one. Practice yoga daily for about half an hour and you are sure to lose those extra flab’s of yours.

4- Skipping makes you sweat a lot but its again one of the best ways to lose your weight. It makes you lose your extra weight very fast.

5- If you want to stay fit and reduce weight statistically, you must join some dance classes or do aerobics which will help you shed your weight really fast.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Easy to follow beauty tips for your day-to-day life!

Who will not have the desire to look beautiful? We all want to be the cynosure of everyone’s eyes and look stunning among a crowd. And to make that happen, we all prefer natural ways.

Here are some simple and easy to apply tips that you will love to add in your beauty book: 
1. To freshen up your eyes place two slice of cucumber on them. Cucumber therapy helps reduce stress also.

2. Digestion should be good to have good skin, so drink at least two liters of water every day that helps to digest food.

3. You can use toothpaste on burnt spots and insect bites that aid pain and swelling. Best apply in night.

4. For smooth skin shave legs with hair conditioner.

5. For shinny hair apply lemon juice on colored hair. Or rinse hair with beer.

6. Start to keep nail paints, eyebrow, eyeliner pencils and lipsticks in the fridge for them to last long.

7. Use baking soda to make your teeth look white.

8. Use Vaseline (Petroleum jelly) on eyebrows to make them look bold.

9. You can use lipstick on cheeks and spread it using cotton when you run out of blusher.

10. Go for fish pedicures. It is believed that fishes eat the dead skin and impurities.

11. Use honey as a face mask.

12. Use lemon juice to whiten nails tips.

13. Massage an ice-cube over your face to reduce wrinkles and acne. Use silk pillowcase that also reduce wrinkles.

14. Add peppermint oil to the lip gloss to enhance pout.
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