Monday, 24 October 2011

Make sure to choose your heel as per foot type!

High heels and stilettos are evergreen in fashion. It doesn’t matter for girls that how much discomfort they are creating in their feet. But what all they want is to adore their stilettos. It is as stylish in real life the way it seems in movies.

But before buying your heels, keep this in mind that in which heels you would look more graceful and stylish and which would also provide you with comfort. So choose your right fit.

The right fit
It’s very important that your shoe should fit your foot properly. Keep this in mind that your toes should have space to move. Get your foot measured and then go for a right choice. It is noticed that mostly women suffer from foot pain because they wear shoes that aren’t the right size. So be vigilant and opt right shoe as until and unless it would not be comfortable, it won’t provide you the full style and comfort.

Choose a thicker heel
A thicker heel would provide you more comfort, balance and confidence. Try to avoid pencil or pin pointed heels. For example, a wedged heel is less demanding on the leg muscles, as it has a larger surface area, so it is more stable. The thinner the heel, the more is its impact on your foot.

So stay balanced and confident with proper heels.
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