Thursday, 27 October 2011

Your headphones can end up turning you deaf!

Music has become an integral part of our lives; we just can’t imagine a day without the musical world around. With the growing technology we have got many means which take us closer to the rhythm.

Headphones are amongst the widely used devices for listening to music. But experts say that these headphones can lead your ears in a big trouble. You may end up turning deaf all because of them.

In today's world of iPods and phones that can play music, most people are plugged in constantly. Expert Dr Nishit Shah, ENT consultant at Bombay Hospital tells as to what you can do to avoid losing your sense of sound.

1. Play it loud
Listening to music at half the volume of your player is obviously not damaging. It all depends on the volume and how long you are listening to it. The higher the volume gets the lesser amount of time the ear can take it.

2. Uncomfortably numb
Shah says, "Deafness caused due to listening to music does not happen overnight. The ear warns you before things can get really bad with tinnitus”. So its better that you check this habit of yours before things completely get out of control.

3. Right here, right now
The standard ear piece or even normal headphones are no good. Shah recommends using in-ear headsets or noise reduction/cancellation headphones that naturally drown out background noise.

Don’t damage your ears just for the sake of enjoyment!
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