Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Things to do for your skin when you are on strict diet!

When you are on a strict diet, the first thing which makes you worried is that what would happen to your skin when there would be lack of proper nourishment. As per skin expert Dr Jaishree Manchanda, “The secret to a healthy glow may not be hidden in your cosmetics”. And the biggest mistake made while dieting is cutting out essential fatty acids (EFAs).

“The best way to keep your skin soft and supple is to give it the right nutrients and then protect it with a shielding lotion that significantly reduces the loss of natural oils and moisture,” says senior cosmetologist Dr Mohan Thomas.

So take a look how to take care of your skin at the time of diet:

Be gentle to your skin. Hot water and long bath removes dead skin. Try to use mild soaps or face washes and avoid harsh soaps. Cleanse your skin well as it removes all the make-up, dirt and dust particles. Always moisturize your skin well. Find a moisturizer that fits your skin type. Apply your moisturizing cream immediately after bathing and toweling dry. This will seal in the moisture.

You can also use home made natural face packs for providing it more nourishment and glow. Follow these ways and keep glowing while being on diet!
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