Sunday, 27 May 2012

Tips to make small room spacious

Not everyone is able to afford the grandeur flats and mansions, so the needs of managing and decorating the tiny spaces are a must these days. Interior designers are always challenged for making the tiniest possible space look spacious.

One needs tact and tips in order to fill up the room wisely. Here are few tips to do the same:

1. Clear the Clutter off: Remove all unnecessary stuff, from clutter, furniture and even a single wrapper.

2. Pick up as many items off the floor as you can: Fully decked floor makes a room look bulky heavy and jam-packed. So pick your shelves and small stuff off the floor and keep them in wall cabinets.

3. Use a shoe rack: Using a shoe rack would help you in managing your cluttered shoes and keep the space clean.

4. Use cool colors: Use cool, pastel white shades to give the room a bigger look, use vertical stripes on walls to give it longer and higher look.

5. Mirroring Illusion: Use mirror on long and high walls of home to create an illusionary spacious effect. Using mirror on big walls would reflect the other parts of home and it would give us illusions that we are seeing another room.

6. Match the color of wall and furniture: Contrast colors would make the furniture look like an extra bulk in the room. Use same colored furniture as your curtains and wall are of. 
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