Sunday, 27 May 2012

Vivian Dsena Weight Loss Regime

What's Vivian's mantra to stay fit and losing weight?

The television and film industry's is obsessed with staying fit. We have all heard stories of actors who wake up at 3 in the morning just to get a daily fix of workout. Well here, we have another quirky stay fit mantra followed diligently by Vivian Dsena, the lead actor in the new multi starrer on COLORS - Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

To look the part of a superstar, Vivian had a task of losing 11 kgs on hand. The actor turned to consuming green tea and maintained a daily intake of almost twelve cups. Apparently, the antioxidants in the tea helped him lose weight and by the time, the show went on the floors, Vivian managed to lose all the additional kilos, all thanks to his dedication towards the show. Well as they say 'Kuch pane ke liye kuch khona padta hai', after losing weight Vivian is going to shine with his fit physique in 'Madhubala.'  
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