Monday, 4 June 2012

Blemish Balm or BB cream, a new multipurpose skin cream

Finally, the wait is over as one prophetic solution to all skin problems has arrived which is taking the world of beauty by storm. Today markets are flooded with an unending variety of cosmetics and skin productsconsisting of foundations, sunscreens, face washes and moisturizers. But now to give them a tough competition a multipurpose cream has arrived called Blemish Balm or the Beblesh Balm (BB) cream which will cure all the skin problems. 

BB cream is the latest beauty trend this year. Initially, it was used for medicinal purposes but later developed into a beauty product. In 80’s it was introduced in South Korea where it was labelled as the beauty secret of Korean actresses. Now, this magical cream is being introduced in India moreover it has become a hot selling product. BB cream comprises of the ingredients that makes one’s skin dewy-fresh all day long. It works like a moisturizer and a sunblocker.

Most of the BB creams form a good base for make up like a primer they play the role of concealer, reduce redness and hydrates one’s skin. Some special varieties of BB creams also contain anti ageing, soothing, healing properties by offering skin-whitening benefits.

So, try this magical BB cream and feel the difference!
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