Monday, 4 June 2012

With exotic bags add glamour to your style!!!

Women are fond of trendy bags as they add glamour to their look and style. If you also want to revive your style then we bring you the hot bag trends that you simply can’t resist. Forget dark colours these summers and go for light and floral prints as they are in. So take a look on what is hot this season:

1. Global boho: You can create a distinct impression by choosing the right bag. This season, bags with exotic prints featuring large floral and birds in semi bright hues are in, so go for them.

2. Tangerine trend: The global colour forecast for 2012 is a hot tangerine orange; following the trend designers have created stunning bags using the same color. Deep indigo is also rocking. So buy these colors and be stylish these summers.

3. Functional and aesthetic: As per the fashion experts “An accessory has to have a perfect balance of style and functional aesthetics”. Though mini clutches are the favourite of celebrities but they don’t suit the working women. For them felt like bags in solid colors are perfect.

4. Hot picks: Try to include unique shapes, patterns and colours to your wardrobe. Different varieties of bags consist ofethnic bagsindo western bags, carry-all bags, reversible bags and laptop bags.

5. Say no to black: Step into the world of color and say no to black and brown because colors beautify your look. 

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