Sunday, 27 January 2013

Give your hair a treatment at home!

There are a lot of options these days for your hair to be lustrous, thick and long. You can go to salons for various therapies and spas for your hair and dent your wallet, or you can also apply all the products that might later damage your hair. 

But the best way to have beautiful and lustrous hair is through oiling your hair withnatural oils depending upon your hair type.

1. Thin hair- Thin hair is prone to dust and damage, so the best way to treat them is with Rosemary Oil. Rosemary oil is used to prevent hair loss and cleansing the scalp. It is rich in calcium, vitamin B and iron.

2. Thick hair- If you have good thick hair, then the best for your hair is olive oil. It has a high level of mono-unsaturated fat, which in turn helps dry and damaged hair. It also helps in strengthening and moisturizing the hair.

3. Fine hair- To protect your hair from chemical and environmental impunities, the best oil is the pomegranate seed oil. It is known to revitalize dull and dry strands of hair.

4. Damaged hair- The best oil for damaged hair is avocado oil which is rich in amino acids and proteins which reduce hair fall and dandruff.

So, rather than spending a lump sum amount on salon treatments of hair, open up your salon at home with natural oils.
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