Monday, 28 January 2013

Marathi actors Vijay Kadam and Sushma Bhagwat to enter in Madhubala with more lovey-dovey moments of Rishbala

Nautanki Films production Colors Madhubala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon has constantly been throwing in surprises for audiences and there has been galore of drama. And in attempt to grab more eyeballs the creative team has written an interesting rack wherein two new faces would be introduce.

Veteran Marathi actors Vijay Kadam andSushma Bhagwat will enter the show as a Marathi couple. According to sources, “The upcoming episodes will be a high dose of drama after Padmini (Pallavi Purohit) is arrested for killing Balraj (Raj Zutshi). However, Madhu will play the role of a saviour and will save her from been punished by the court of law. After this entire tragedy RK will plan a picnic for both the families.” 

They added, “Furthermore, while the lead couple of RK-Madhu are on their way to the picnic spot they will take a shortcut and will go astray in the jungle. Finally, RK-Madhu will reach a village in Maharashtra and a Marathi couple played by Vijay Kadam and Sushma Bhagwat will allow them to stay at their place. This track will witness some cute, funny and romantic moments between RK-Madhu.”

Finally with this track the fans of RK and Madhu will get to see some lovey-dovey moments!
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