Monday, 20 February 2012

Beauty secrets from Shahnaz Husain!

It is very well said, skin is the mirror of the body. It is an actual parameter to judge body’s condition as it reflects the internal health faithfully. If you are following an unhealthy life then it would be reflected automatically on your skin. Lack of exercise and sleep, malnutrition may result into dull skin.

Here are some magical beauty tips by beauty expertShahnaz Husain that can do wonders to your face.

 Toning of skin is very important. It should be toned with rose water daily. It adds glow and stimulates blood circulation to the skin surface.

• Use witch hazel with rose water if not available you can use rose water only. Keep the rose water in the bowl in the fridge and soak cotton in it. First wipe the skin, and then apply strokes in circular, outward and upward movements. 

• For shining and soft skin, mix lemon juice and honey equally. Wash after twenty min, egg white can also be used.

• Fruit pack can also be prepared by mixing grated apples with mashed banana and ripe papaya pulp. Lemon juice or yogurt can also be used. Apply this fruit pack on your face and leave for half an hour, wash off with plain water. This fruit pack helps removing tanning.

• Mix curry leaves with Multani mitti (fuller’s earth) and rose water. Wash it off with water when it becomes dry.

• Drink plenty of water; eat fresh fruits, yogurt, and leafy green vegetables.

You should follow a healthy lifestyle to get younger and glowing skin with every passing day.
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