Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Lies that most of the romantic novels tell!

All those who are fond of reading theromantic novels must have got hold of the similarity in the usage of certain lines, which stands to be common in almost all the romantic fictions. 

Want to know what they are, just read on:  

1. Happy ending
This might not be the case in real life, the story might talk of the couple living happily ever after but reality can be far different.

2. It’s all about a tall, dark and handsome dude
Give it a break, does love only calls for physical attraction. We think the writers must now get over this age old way of describing the hero.

3. Grand expensive gestures to express love
You don't always need expensive declarations of love to know that someone cares for you. 

4. Relations are easy to handle
We wonder how this can ever be possible on earth! Relations are the most difficult to be handled.  

5. Follow your heart
Listening what your heart says is good but ignoring the thoughtful mind is not the right way of dealing with life.   

6. Drug addicts, abusers, alcoholics, skirt chasers can all be reformed with love
People do change but the ratio stands to be quite less. Taking on the responsibility of an addict or alcoholic demands a lot from you as a person! So, just don’t get fascinated by reading that people like them can be reformed with love.

Next time you get hold of a romantic novel, make sure to read between the lines!
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