Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Hair trends which are in this season!

Fashion is not just limited to wearing elegant dresses; instead it is about how you carry your entire personality with presentable touch. And along with other important facts related to fashion, hair style too matters a lot.

So better see which hair styles are turning a trend this season:     

1. Pinning  
Using clips and barrettes have become one of the hottest hair trends on the ramps nowadays.  You can use different types of barrettes available, from prints to flowers and small to oversized, they are the must-have accessories this season. Clips and barrettes are ideal not just for long hair but even short hair. 

2. The floral touch  
It’s needless to mention that floral clips and barrettes are always an eye-catcher. They not only happen to be fashionable but also add a dash on style and schoolgirl charm to your outfit. 

3. Magic of Bling 
All those who love bling, barrettes and clips are the perfect options. Encrusted with genuine or faux crystals andgemstones, beads and more, these accessories can substitute the need for expensive earrings and neckpieces. 

Here’s why these hair trends are must for you, have a look:

1. They add instant glam to your hair. 

2. Other than being pretty they even help in keeping your hair up. 

3. For a day look, go floral. 

4. For evenings out, you can opt for accessories with crystals and gemstones in silver or gold so it adds versatility.
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