Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sporting activities helpful in losing weight!

Weight loss is something which many of us around are aiming at. But getting back to shape or attaining a toned figure isn’t an easy task. One has to take some really hard steps to gets the measures right.

You may have tried lots of diet and other ways of shedding that extra layer of fat but have you ever thought of trying out some of your school days tips. Well, we know this might surprise you a bit but there are certain activities which we all have enjoyed during the school time. And trust us, if tried again they can not only get you back in shape but will even rejuvenate your spirits. So just check them out:   

1. Bowling
Don’t take it just as a game; coz the ones who practice it regularly can very well state you the benefits of it. The game helps you burn around 240-300 calories per hour, resulting in toned arms and a sleek waistline. 

2. Flying the Frisbee
This calls for the complete body movement and thus ends up burning 600-700 calories per hour. Playing this helps on your lower body muscles such as quads, hams, calves, adductors and glutes as well as core and upper back muscles.

3. Cycling 
The force you exert while riding a bicycle energizes your body muscles and contributes in burning off 600-750 calories per hour

4. Dunk a Basketball
It gives you a full body workout and improves co-ordination between feet, arms and eyes thereby burning around 500-800 calories per hour.

So, we hope that now you know how to start on the weight loss task!
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