Monday, 2 July 2012

Don't fall in the trap of Quick weight loss schemes!

Every now and then we come across the tempting schemes for quick weight losing, indeed some innocent people fall into the trap of these so called lucrative schemes and unfortunately they end up with big disappointment. 

Quick weight losing schemes include fake testimonials where seemingly happy and glowing people claim to have reduced 10-100 kilos by simply signing up. People are advised not to believe these fake commitments, to facilitate you here we are busting most common weight loss diet scams. Have a look: 

1. Parasitic worm diet: This diet claims that ingested tapeworms chew thecarbohydrates from the body which helps an individual lose weight easily. The diet seems straight out of a horror movie, don’t believe this bizarre as creepy crawlies living inside you will lay eggs which cause nutrient loss in your body.

2. Baby food: Some fake slogans claim that baby food makes an individual curvy as they include unsalted, mashed and mushy food. Indeed some people think that this food is good for their health, well this is not true as baby food is an incomplete meal for an adult and it doesn’t fulfill the nutritional requirements of a grown up person. 

3. Japanese Banana Diet: The diet suggests eating bananas in morning while taking normal diet for the rest of the day. But experts hold a view that eating bananas in morning doesn’t play a vital role in reducing a person’s weight.

So, stop believing these tempting slogans and follow a genuine way of weight loosing!
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