Friday, 13 July 2012

How to be a beauty at 40!

Ever wondered why French women are pretty at 40 and even at 50s? Have you thought over the secret behind the fabulous figure of French President’s wife Carla Bruni? Well don’t mistake it to French but there are few secrets in the culture which can be adopted in order to remain a beauty at 40. Let’s plunge deep:

1. Edge out age with Eggs: Rich in Vitamin E, eggs absorb calcium easily and are good for skin, hair, teeth and bones.

2. Date with dates: Dates have Vitamin A, B and C and foster quick digestion.

3. Armor yourself with Almonds: Rich in Vitamin E endorses gynecological goodness.

4. Be beautiful with Berries: Being anti oxidants, Berries work as anti-aging treatment.

5. Avail health with Avocados: Rich in Vitamin E, Avocados are good for skin.

One can follow these laws of being fantabulous at 40:

 If you want to be slim, include fatty foods like dark chocolates and cheese in your diet. Yes, in fact fatty foods are full of sugar and carbs and can easily make you feel fuller making you consume lesser.

2. Cook food with basic salt and spices to keep it simple, healthy and organically yummy.

3. Pay attention to the consumed portions of food. Larger the serving would be, larger would be the part consumed. Eat less but in frequent intervals which boosts up metabolism.

4. Avoid alcohol, sugar, stress and fizzy drinks to look younger.

5. Chew your food well to make sure that the nutrition is well consumed and absorbed.
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