Friday, 23 December 2011

Don 2 ahead of Bodyguard but still dawdling behind Ra.One!

Going by the title, the viewers must be wondering how come Don 2 breaks the records of Salman Khan starrer blockbusterBodyguard, with only first day of its release.

No need to worry, as the result is based in comparisons of the volume of theatrical release in India and worldwide. Shahrukh Khan'slatest movie Don 2: The King is Back was undoubtedly among the most-awaited movies of 2011. And as per the latest reviews coming our way the film can be expected to mint some fair amount of money at the box-office. 

Anyway getting back to the comparison, it is said that the action thriller film has beaten the record of Salman Khan's Bodyguard in the volume of theatrical release in India and worldwide. But it is still dawdling behind SRK’s previous release Ra.One. Bodyguard set a new record by releasing in 2,700 screens in India and around 500 prints overseas. 

Ra.One surpassed this record with its release in 3,100 screens in domestic market and around 1,500 screens in foreign countries. 

The movie has released with 3,000 movie prints in the domestic market and it will also have 3D release in 550 screens. Earlier, director Farhan Akhtar had confirmed that Don 2 will hit the screens in 41 countries, but he did not reveal the number of theatres.

Now let’s wait and see if Don beats Bodyguard at box office business too!
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