Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Ways to save money during party time!

Party time is the best time to cherish some of the most memorable moments with yourfamily and friends. But one thing which strikes everyone’s mind is how to manage thebudget during parties. And December is the month when one cannot stop the craving of being a party animal. But don’t worry and be money savvy this December.

Just check the following tips out:

Be united: Whether it a marriage or a birthday bash, if you are organising a party for your friend then be collective with others and pool in to buy the couple a gift or gift voucher. A worth big gift is quite better than useless small ones.  

Peep at your old outfits: well, we all agree over the fact that one requires new attire for a new occasion. But at least peep once in your cupboard. May be some mix and match can make wonders and come out as your dream party attire this time. 

Throw house parties: House parties are the best option to rock the floors and save money. Call your friends and assign them different responsibilities. It not only adds interest and fun in your party but also is a feasible one.  

Don’t carry your credit cards: To carry a credit card during parties is the worst option as it lets your money flow like water. Be a smart one and carry the amount which is required.

So save money this December.
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