Friday, 23 December 2011

Know the best colors to be worn on a date by men!

Most men want to look perfect on their first date or on every date. And what’s best than donning a color which can express one’s personality. Yes colors are the best to express you and your taste. So look at the right colors to wear on a date.

Usually most men are tagged as color blind. Yes this is the fact. But there are some specific colors which reflect your persona. Red is by far, the boldest, challenging and in-your-face colour. It reflects your confidence, passion, excitement, love and even lust. A well fitted navy blue jeans with a bright red shirt is the best pair to be donned on a date.

Black & White 
Black and white are the basic colors but are very powerful in impressing anyone. These are considered as fasten colors to be worn on a date. But you cannot go for a complete black or a complete white pair. When in doubt what to wear, these colours can be a safe bet.

Blue goes well over a man. It depicts how confident and manly you are. In fact as per various studies, women love man in blue. Blue emanates a feeling of calmness, peace and loyalty – which every woman wants to see in her man.

So have a look over your color before going for a date.
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