Friday, 23 December 2011

Mahek Chahal bags entry in Bigg Boss as wild card entrant!

Well all those who believe in the buzz which statesMahek Chahal being favored by Bollywood’s Dabanggstar Salman Khan, who also happens to be the host of Bigg Boss, this news won’t be much of surprise.

But the fact is that Mahek has landed successful in getting the wild card entry in the show! Yes, the starlet who was evicted from the house two weeks back has made an entry again. As per sources, “Mahek, who was the front runner for re-entry in the Bigg Boss house, was voted by viewers. Shonali Nagrani andLaxmi Narayan were the other two probable contestants who were to comeback on the show”. The channel announced Mahek’s comeback on its official Twitter page.

Now this has again given rise to the speculations saying that Mahek has been backed by Salman, in fact many of the ex-contestants namely Pooja Missra and Pooja Bedi too have accused Salman for favoring Mahek excessively. But Mahek has always shunned away these allegations and has said that Salman has never recommended her to anyone!    

Anyway, we must say that the viewers have made a wise choice keeping in mind their source of entertainment. After all, who other than Mahek can be expected to bring in some fireworks in the house!

Let’s see if she settles her scores with Sky this time!
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