Sunday, 4 December 2011


We called in the expert: Nicole Thompson, senior artist for MAC, shares her lipstick-staying power tips
Go bold Whether they’re glossy or matt, deep and bright colours generally last longer than soft or natural shades. The pigment in these tends to be much stronger, so they stain the lips.
Prep lips First thing – add moisture. Dry lips can ruin a beautiful colour. Pat a lip conditioner all over the lips. Once moisturised, apply a lip primer, like MAC Prep + Prime Lip, $33, taking it slightly over the outer edge of the lips.
Pencil it in Using a lip pencil (that matches your lipstick) will help to hold colour on and make the application more polished. Make sure lips are well moisturised before drawing the line, so the pencil won’t drag and look fuzzy. Do a strong outline of the lips to create the shape, and then feather the colour in to completely cover the lips and act as a base.
Brush up Just like nail polish, two to three sheer coats of lipstick works better than one thick layer. Having applied pencil, use a lip brush to colour in the lips lightly with your lipstick. Blot with a tissue, then repeat the light layer of colour.
Research* shows that personality and sense of smell develop at the same time, so the scents and flavours we’re drawn to could become tied to what makes us tick emotionally. Here’s what your lip 
balm choices reveal about you:
MELON The life of the party, you crave novelty. 
TRY Evodia Champagne Melon Lip Gloss, $10.9
CHERRY Hard working, perfectionist. 
TRY Maybelline New York Shine Sensational Lip Gloss, Cherry Bloom, $11.95
RASPBERRY Intelligent and success-oriented. 
TRY The Body Shop Born Lippy, Raspberry. $7.95
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