Friday, 23 December 2011

Explore the reasons as to why girls delay marriages!

India and Indian culture is almost loved by everyone. People love to explore India and wonder how Indians carry values andrelations so beautifully and gracefully. But with the time, things are changing slowly and now one can see a big difference between the ancient and modern India.

One thing which has strikingly taken a ‘U’ is the situation of girls. Now Indian girls are completely independent. In fact as per a survey it is found that now girls want to take their full time before getting married. The reasons are various but one common thing which promotes is that getting married is not the only goal of their life.

A primary and common reason is financial independence. Banker Joyeeta Sen says, “Financial independence is something that women in the earlier generations have craved for. We are able to experience it. It doesn't just change your perception about yourself, but also the way people look at you. Times have changed today. Marriage is not the only thing on a girl's mind. I see marriages break everyday and that's not a pleasant thing.”

Besides childrenparents have also changed their mind sets with time. Parents also find their happiness if their daughter is independent and holds all the guts to face this world and society. 

So those who are still sticking with old mind sets should have a look over changing scenario. 
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