Sunday, 18 December 2011

Insider tips from wedding planners

Wish you had experts to help you organise your wedding? Done! We spoke to a bunch of D-day pros to come up with your ultimate cheat sheet!

Swati Pandya Sood
Top tip It's important to bee practical and not go overboard on your wedding.
Choose your venue wisely You might have lavish plans to have a farmhouse or palace wedding, but it's always better to opt for a centrally located venue. Traffic can sometimes create havoc for your guests and spoil the fun.
Be the centre of attraction Don't have celebrity performances on the day of your wedding, because it will completely steal your thunder. Keep all such activities for your pre-marriage functions.
Saurabh Agarwal
Top tip It's smart to have a backup plan when organising. 
When planning the wedding Always make a detailed checklist of the things you require. Put down even the smallest detail and refer to it on a daily basis, so that you don't forget anything. Also, regular follow-ups with vendors are a must.
While choosing a venue Never choose a venue without having a confirmed guestlist in hand; you could end up having more people in a small space.

Meher Sarid

Top tip For a smooth wedding, start planning at least six months in advance.
Don't forget the tables and chairs Always pick your venue keeping the number of guests in mind.
And don't forget the furniture. A splace may seem okay at first, but if you're planning a sit-down dinner or any special elements, the space promised to you will appear far too small once the tables and chairs come into the picture.
Be smart when cracking a deal Always read the fine print when deciding on the venue. Sometimes, venues only provide the space and no entertainment cover, which could lead to additional last minute costs. It's wise to ask a lot of questions before booking.

Achint Nag
Top tip Don't be selfish and keep everyone's interests in mind.
Music and MCD don't go hand-in-hand There is a very strict limit on playing loud music outdoors in Delhi after 10pm. Don't assume you'll be able to work it your way and always book an indoor space so the music can go on for longer.
Choose your food wisely Choose a common palate when it comes to cuisine. Remember that there will people from all age groups in your wedding, so pick something everybody would like to eat. There is no point in having very creative, exotic delicacies when a lot of people won't enjoy it.
Never compromise on space It is suggested to not have a partindoor and part-outdoor space. This will scatter your guests and it takes away from the entire fun of the celebration.

Jenifer Mirchandani
Top tip A lot of planning, detailing and effort goes into making a successful wedding, but it's most important to ensure you have fun on your special day.
Make a budget, then stick to it Calculate a rough indicative budget for the wedding and don't budge from it. Not doing so could increase your costs by upto 50 percent!
Remember, that there will always be last-minute stress No matter how meticulously you plan your wedding, there will always be last minute pressure. Be relaxed and calm about it, and don't let it take away from the fact that this is ultimately about your marriage, not just one wedding night.

Rakhi Kankaria
Top tip Meet all your co-ordinators and vendors beforehand to avoid last minute issues.
Be prepared for extra guests A wedding is a gala affair in our country. So invariably you will end up having more people than you have on your guestlist. Always make arrangements for about 30 percent more people than you have invited to avoid hassles.
Plan, plan, plan Plan and visualise every inch of your wedding. Don't have a vague plan like 'I want a grand wedding'; get into specifics and be sure of exactly what you want.

Jai Raj Gupta

Top tip Once you have a plan in place, work backwards.
Check twice before finalising a package deal Instead of taking combined packages, focus on the core competencies of the service provider and work only with his strengths.The best florist in the country might not give you the best food too.
Always check the entire menu When deciding on the menu, check each and everything. You might have a great main course, but really sub-standard starters and desserts.
Take the DCE approach Your decor, catering and entertainment account for about 70 percent of your total budget. So lock money for this first, then work around with the balance.

Gurleen M Puri

Top tip The perfect wedding needs presence of mind and nerves of steel.
Be well-informed Get as much information as you can beforehand by meeting professionals, reading from magazines and books, as well as scouting the Internetpre-plan everything so that you can get the best products and services at the best price available.
Do not be too adventurous Don't go overboard in trying to be different and out of the ordinary. Don't think too out-of-the-boxit's nice to do things differently, but that also entails a lot more effort and explaining to vendors since this may be the first time they've heard of your concept.

Neeta Raheja
Top tip This is going to be the biggest day of your life, so remember to enjoy it.
Plan wisely Make a countdown calendar that lists items that should be taken care of month-wise. Start filling it up as you move along. This will help you prioritise your responsibilities, as well as those of your family and friends.
Divide responsibility Even if you are a perfectionist who likes to do everything yourself, you don't want to be the bride who is SMSing the pandit to check if he's on his way even as you are sitting at the mandap! If you have a wedding planner to handle your wedding, it's wonderful; if not, make sure family and friends are given specific tasks so that everyone can work towards a common goal.

Geeta Samuel
Top tip Planning really is the secret to perfection.
Be realistic about your goals Planning a wedding is a huge project. It's about concept menus, about decor that far exceeds the precincts of normal imagination, and trousseaus that take months of painstaking exploring and acquiring. So ensure that you start planning well in advance.
Book people in advance Book the concerned peoplemakeup pros, performersin advance for everything, so that you don't have to compromise on your dreams. Execute everything as it comes to your mind.
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