Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Tomato is a cosmetic to get a glowing and healthy skin!

Those who urge on looking beautiful and having a healthy skin; the perfect remedy and cosmetic for them is tomato. It is the best homemade remedy to overcome pores, sunburns, rashes, acne and it even gives you a glowing and healthy skin.

Tomatoes are great in taste and are also great for the skin. The Lycopene in them works as an antioxidant playing the role of a sunscreen for your skin. Tomatoes have the following benefits-

1. Shrinks the big pores
Take a tablespoon of fresh tomato juice and add four drops of fresh lime juice and apply it on your skin in circular motion on your skin. This will help in shrinking your big pores which fetch in dirt resulting to dampening of the pore.

2. Heals the acnes
There is a lot of acidity in tomatoes which helps in reducing acnes. So for getting rid of acnes, cut the tomato into two pieces and apply on your face and leave in on for an hour. Wash it with cool water and moisturize. Regular application will help you cure acnes forever.

Tomatoes are good to eat and are very good for the summers to stay protected from the scorching sunlight. So to have a glowing skin tomatoes are the best to have in your refrigerator.
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