Sunday, 18 December 2011

Girls are far better than boys when it comes to negotiation skills!

There are ample of examples where girls are seen dominating the conversation and boystend to mumble something perplexing to avoid the debate altogether. But girls have a clear cut idea to take the discussion in right direction.

This explains that girls come prepared for conversation and they are well aware of what they want, when they want and why do they want. Girls have all sorts of explanations that why they want to go to the mall to buy any dress, and they have reasons why it's that dress and not another, and why it needs to happen when they say.

This clarity of mind allows the conversations to initiate but irresponsive attitude on boy’s part fails to give any concrete result. So there is set procedure to follow and finding the way, and the first stage demands all the boys to learn.

Learn to listen and speak up your mind clearly to gain some fruitful result out of the efforts so made. Look for all the reasons as to why it happened and then seek solution, which is the second step of negotiation practice. 

In negotiation the solution is derived with mutual consensus and for that it is actually important to discuss. While discussing always keep in mind that she's your girlfriend, not your opponent.

Well, keep trying till you succeed!
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