Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Ways to save money during party time!

Party time is the best time to cherish some of the most memorable moments with yourfamily and friends. But one thing which strikes everyone’s mind is how to manage thebudget during parties. And December is the month when one cannot stop the craving of being a party animal. But don’t worry and be money savvy this December.

Just check the following tips out:

Be united: Whether it a marriage or a birthday bash, if you are organising a party for your friend then be collective with others and pool in to buy the couple a gift or gift voucher. A worth big gift is quite better than useless small ones.  

Peep at your old outfits: well, we all agree over the fact that one requires new attire for a new occasion. But at least peep once in your cupboard. May be some mix and match can make wonders and come out as your dream party attire this time. 

Throw house parties: House parties are the best option to rock the floors and save money. Call your friends and assign them different responsibilities. It not only adds interest and fun in your party but also is a feasible one.  

Don’t carry your credit cards: To carry a credit card during parties is the worst option as it lets your money flow like water. Be a smart one and carry the amount which is required.

So save money this December.

Tomato is a cosmetic to get a glowing and healthy skin!

Those who urge on looking beautiful and having a healthy skin; the perfect remedy and cosmetic for them is tomato. It is the best homemade remedy to overcome pores, sunburns, rashes, acne and it even gives you a glowing and healthy skin.

Tomatoes are great in taste and are also great for the skin. The Lycopene in them works as an antioxidant playing the role of a sunscreen for your skin. Tomatoes have the following benefits-

1. Shrinks the big pores
Take a tablespoon of fresh tomato juice and add four drops of fresh lime juice and apply it on your skin in circular motion on your skin. This will help in shrinking your big pores which fetch in dirt resulting to dampening of the pore.

2. Heals the acnes
There is a lot of acidity in tomatoes which helps in reducing acnes. So for getting rid of acnes, cut the tomato into two pieces and apply on your face and leave in on for an hour. Wash it with cool water and moisturize. Regular application will help you cure acnes forever.

Tomatoes are good to eat and are very good for the summers to stay protected from the scorching sunlight. So to have a glowing skin tomatoes are the best to have in your refrigerator.

Sunny Leone's former fiancé is making money by selling their porn videos!

Sunny Leone has been the most talked about person in the recent past, first she hogged the limelight because of her not so dignified profession of being aporn star and then she grabbed eyeballs by entering the Bigg Boss house.

Ever since the lady has landed in the country she has been making the gossip seekers gather the buzz focusing her. She is already creating frenzy after being approached by filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt for the lead role in Jism 2! It is yet to be seen if Sunny bags the role but looks there is someone who is all set to encash her star status far ahead of she turning one!

And he is none other than Sunny’s ex fiancé Matt Erikson. We have heard from sources that Matt is selling their first porn video on various sites and is minting big money.  Updates say that while Sunny is busy with her stint in Bigg Boss; her ex is leaving no way of making money on her name!   

It is notable that Mark and Sunny got engaged in the year 2007 only to separate in 2008. Before meeting Matt, Sunny was limited to doing lesbian scenes in porn film. But after getting along with Matt, the two started doing porn films together.          

Well, now Matt is selling out all those porn videos they had shot for together and is enjoying the moolah coming his way!

Just hope Sunny doesn’t have any issues with this act of Matt!

Mahek Chahal denies Salman's involvement in letting her make a re-entry in Bigg Boss!

Ever since Mahek Chahal has made an entry in Colors’ Bigg Boss, everyone is talking about her proximity with show host and friendSalman Khan. Some say that it was Salman who recommended Mahek for the reality show and he was even supporting during her stay in the house.

However, Mahek has always denied being his favorite and Salman doesn’t even give a damn about such allegations. He has maintained long silence about this episode.

Well, now Mahek is back in the show as a wildcard entrant after being evicted once, and her fans are enjoying her second stint but her detractors do have a lot to crib over her re-entry into the infamous show.

Rumours are abuzz that it is Salman again who has come as her savior. Meanwhile the starlet had categorically denied Salman’s involvement in the show and her consequent entry into the house. Mahek clarified that Salman Khan has never used his star status to effect eviction or re-entry decisions.

She said, “It would be unfair to say that I have been selected as the wild card entry because of Salman Khan. Yeh sarasar jhooth aur bakwaas hai (This is absolute non-sense and false). My supporters saw me being humiliated on the show. If I’m back, it is only because of them and not because of Salman.”

Well, we are just waiting for a word from Salman as that would be enough to put a lock on these gossipmongers!

Bipasha Basu does a cameo in Race 2!

Bipasha Basu, who was seen as one of the leading lady in the first part of Race, will be joining just as a guest appearance in its sequel which has disappointed the fans of the actress. The role of the actress has been kept under the wraps but the insiders say that it is a strategy. 

This news has been disclosed by Bipasha herself. An expert says, "It is good that Bipasha has spoken about the role since this pretty much dissolves all rumors surrounding her inclusion in Race 2. On a lighter note, with Bipasha's screen time being bare minimum in the film, the trio of Deepika PadukoneJacqueline Fernandez and Ameesha Patel can breathe easy because Abbas-Mustan can now be expected to concentrate better on their role and presentation”.

The actress assured that her guest appearance is a pretty important part of the film. She said, "Moreover, a very important part of being in an Abbas-Mustan film is that they bring really cool style and flavor to the characters. They are extremely stylish directors and I am sure there would be something good reserved for me even though it's a guest appearance.”

Abbas Burmanwala says, "Bipasha brings in continuity from Race to Race 2. She starts the story from where it had ended. She is really important to the film”.

So what is it that makes a guest appearance of the actress so important to the film? Well, we will wait for its release to get the answer!

Bollywood's most sought after eligible bachelor Salman Khan turns 46 today!

This day is indeed a big one for all the Salman Khanfans and no one needs to be told how long his fan following list is. 

His style, golden heart, sweet nature and not to forget his chiseled perfect body, all are enough to give any other star in the film industry a run for their money. He is the ultimate trendsetter for all with everything he does, may it be his biceps, dialogues, dressing, songs, hair, glasses or jeans! 

This absolutely adorable actor caters to all the age groups of society. From kids to the elderly...everyone likes him whether he acts well or doesn't. The biggest reason that everyone likes him is all because he is Salman Khan. His name is enough to make all fall for him.

Brat of Bollywood industry, this Khan is invincible. The biggest two blockbusters i.e. Ready and Bodyguard, of the year has come from his kitty. Even the other Khan of Bollywood, Aamir Khan has all words of praise for him. “Salman deserves all the success because he is a simple guy at heart. It is his simplicity that makes him such a favorite with the masses”.

Forget the old controversies of his life, after all everyone deserves a chance to change. Today he is an all different man, calmer ever since he was, and it’s time to let bygones be bygones and accept this all changed person. The star is celebrating his 46th birthday today and is the also Bollywood's most sought after eligible bachelor who refuses to settle down!

Well, on this big day of his life we wish that Salman soon finds his love and keeps on achieving new heights in his career ahead! Happy Birthday Salman! Keep on rocking!!!

Salman Khan's Ek Tha Tiger will be a great film but won't exceed Dabangg 2!

Bollywood’s most charming actor Salman Khan is celebrating his 46th birthday today and various talks are making rounds about his future projects and personal life. Predictions are making ways from many astrologers and numerologists that how this New Year will turn out for the actor.

Forgetting some serious wrongs he has done in his past life, people are just Ready to accept the Dabangg man in any avatar. On the eve of his birthday, sources quizzed astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi to find out what's in store for Salman Khan- the most appealing star of Bollywood for the upcoming year 2012. 

Bhavikk says, “Salman was born on 27th December 1965 which makes him a Number 9 (Mars) person in numerology. He is a Capricorn (ruler Saturn - Number 8) and his destiny number adds up to Number 6 (Venus). As per his stars on the film front, his next release Ek Tha Tiger in the Eid of 2012 would prove to be a profitable venture as the film title (sums up to Number 32) vibrates well with the year 2012. 

However, Number 5 is usually not lucky for Number 9 people and hence the film may not be able to exceed the collections of Dabangg 2 which will turn out to be a bigger hit in comparison when it comes to pure box office figures.

Well, in both ways it is after all Salman’s win!

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Drashti Dhami has been voted as the most desirable TV actress of 2011!

All Geet Hui Sabse Parayi lovers have once again proved their deep love and attachment for the show! Despite the fact that the show has got ended due to Star One’s revamp intoLife Ok, we have been telling you all about how the fans are busy fighting to get Geet 2!

Even when the show was on air, it always managed to beat the popularity of other leading shows because of the fan following enjoyed by it. The lead pair of the show,Drashti Dhami aka Geet and Gurmeet Choudhary aka Maan too accept this fact and say that it is because of their fans that they have got so much name and fame.   

Well, after looking at the recent update we too feel how much love fans have for Geet! Recently there was an online poll conducted asking fans to vote for the most desirable female face on small screen.

And you all will be glad to know that this race has been won by our very own Drashti. Her on screen character Geet has helped her in beating the likes of Archana Lokhande aka Ankita from Pavitra Rishta and Yashashree Masurkar akaKhanak from Rang Badalti Odhani. Drashti has bagged the number one place and is followed by Ankita and Yashashree on number 2 and 3 respectively.

This indeed is great news for Geet lovers and a reason to boost up their fight for bringing the show’s second season. Hope the channel considers this fact too!

6 Awesome But Lesser Known Things on Facebook

Here are some awesome things to do on Facebook, which you might not know. According to latest statistical data, Facebook is now 600 million people strong. This means that if Facebook existed as a country, it would have been the 3rd Largest Country after China and India.
Although we all like sticking to Facebook for several hours talking and seeing what our friends are doing, the Facebook team is quietly adding new features to it which many people, for sure, don’t know about:

1. Friendship Page

Friendship Page is a feature where you can see friendship between yourself and a friend of yours. It neatly displays the time since you both are friends and things that you’ve done together such as Wall posts, comments and things in which you both are commonly tagged like photos, events and status updates.
Type this URL :- http://www.facebook.com/<Your Facebook ID>?and=<Your Friend’s ID> in your browser to see it yourself.
Replace <Your Facebook ID> and =<Your Friend’s ID> with their respective Facebook Profile IDs/Vanity names.

2. Download Your Facebook Information

This tool is quite handy, in case you want to have a copy of all your photos and videos that you have uploaded, facebook gives you an option for this. Moreover, you can have all your posts on your wall, messages, your friends list and some other content in a a simple, browseable archived zip file.
Visit your Account Settings Panel and click on “learn more” beside download your information text.

3. See Your Facebook Impact

In Simple words, your Impact is the number of people that you’ve brought (referred) to facebook. Visit Facebook Impact to see your impact.

4. Facebook Photo Badges

You might have seen facebook fan-page badges with a Like button on several blogs before. Facebook provides similar badges for your latest photos that you can embed anywhere you wish. You can also choose the no. of photos that it’ll display and Layout type. Visit Photo Badges to create your own badge.

5. Friends Phonebook

Facebook knows how important Friends are to you, so it provides you a phonebook with contact details of all your friends as well as contacts that you’ve imported from your phone in a single page. This is surely a good backup in case your phone’s contacts get erased by a mishap. Visit your Phonebook Page.

6. Facebook Chat Smileys

There are over 26 smileys that you can use on Facebook Chat. While you may have know about many of them, some still remain very less known. Here’s a quick list of them:

Notice the first smiley is a face, he is Chris Putnam, a Facebook Engineer and the developer/programmer of Facebook chat.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Must have handbags for an exclusive and trendy look!

There is no better way other than jewellery to addstyle and grace to your outfit. And this style can bag attention from all if you have a matching handbag too!

Whether you are going for a night party, an afternoonbirthday bash or even an official visit, there are certain handbags which are must to be kept by everyone. There are various kinds of handbags available around. So don’t get confused and have the top ones that go well with your persona.

Sling bags: These bags are very easy to carry and go well with casual wear. Try them in different colors and be a smarty. 

Tote: Totes are the bags with lots of space and carry the utmost style and fashion. Women who love to carry loads of stuff with them should definitely sport these bags. 

Clutch: Clutch is all for style and elegance. A sleek, pretty clutch not only is easy to carry but also improves overall look and persona. 

Casual bag: Casual bags are the love of all. It is something which is apparent for every woman to carry. So carry a colorful casual bag when going out with friends or for shopping. 

Take a note of these suggestions whenever you go out to shop for handbags!

Explore the reasons as to why girls delay marriages!

India and Indian culture is almost loved by everyone. People love to explore India and wonder how Indians carry values andrelations so beautifully and gracefully. But with the time, things are changing slowly and now one can see a big difference between the ancient and modern India.

One thing which has strikingly taken a ‘U’ is the situation of girls. Now Indian girls are completely independent. In fact as per a survey it is found that now girls want to take their full time before getting married. The reasons are various but one common thing which promotes is that getting married is not the only goal of their life.

A primary and common reason is financial independence. Banker Joyeeta Sen says, “Financial independence is something that women in the earlier generations have craved for. We are able to experience it. It doesn't just change your perception about yourself, but also the way people look at you. Times have changed today. Marriage is not the only thing on a girl's mind. I see marriages break everyday and that's not a pleasant thing.”

Besides childrenparents have also changed their mind sets with time. Parents also find their happiness if their daughter is independent and holds all the guts to face this world and society. 

So those who are still sticking with old mind sets should have a look over changing scenario. 

Know the best colors to be worn on a date by men!

Most men want to look perfect on their first date or on every date. And what’s best than donning a color which can express one’s personality. Yes colors are the best to express you and your taste. So look at the right colors to wear on a date.

Usually most men are tagged as color blind. Yes this is the fact. But there are some specific colors which reflect your persona. Red is by far, the boldest, challenging and in-your-face colour. It reflects your confidence, passion, excitement, love and even lust. A well fitted navy blue jeans with a bright red shirt is the best pair to be donned on a date.

Black & White 
Black and white are the basic colors but are very powerful in impressing anyone. These are considered as fasten colors to be worn on a date. But you cannot go for a complete black or a complete white pair. When in doubt what to wear, these colours can be a safe bet.

Blue goes well over a man. It depicts how confident and manly you are. In fact as per various studies, women love man in blue. Blue emanates a feeling of calmness, peace and loyalty – which every woman wants to see in her man.

So have a look over your color before going for a date.

Mahek Chahal bags entry in Bigg Boss as wild card entrant!

Well all those who believe in the buzz which statesMahek Chahal being favored by Bollywood’s Dabanggstar Salman Khan, who also happens to be the host of Bigg Boss, this news won’t be much of surprise.

But the fact is that Mahek has landed successful in getting the wild card entry in the show! Yes, the starlet who was evicted from the house two weeks back has made an entry again. As per sources, “Mahek, who was the front runner for re-entry in the Bigg Boss house, was voted by viewers. Shonali Nagrani andLaxmi Narayan were the other two probable contestants who were to comeback on the show”. The channel announced Mahek’s comeback on its official Twitter page.

Now this has again given rise to the speculations saying that Mahek has been backed by Salman, in fact many of the ex-contestants namely Pooja Missra and Pooja Bedi too have accused Salman for favoring Mahek excessively. But Mahek has always shunned away these allegations and has said that Salman has never recommended her to anyone!    

Anyway, we must say that the viewers have made a wise choice keeping in mind their source of entertainment. After all, who other than Mahek can be expected to bring in some fireworks in the house!

Let’s see if she settles her scores with Sky this time!

Don 2 ahead of Bodyguard but still dawdling behind Ra.One!

Going by the title, the viewers must be wondering how come Don 2 breaks the records of Salman Khan starrer blockbusterBodyguard, with only first day of its release.

No need to worry, as the result is based in comparisons of the volume of theatrical release in India and worldwide. Shahrukh Khan'slatest movie Don 2: The King is Back was undoubtedly among the most-awaited movies of 2011. And as per the latest reviews coming our way the film can be expected to mint some fair amount of money at the box-office. 

Anyway getting back to the comparison, it is said that the action thriller film has beaten the record of Salman Khan's Bodyguard in the volume of theatrical release in India and worldwide. But it is still dawdling behind SRK’s previous release Ra.One. Bodyguard set a new record by releasing in 2,700 screens in India and around 500 prints overseas. 

Ra.One surpassed this record with its release in 3,100 screens in domestic market and around 1,500 screens in foreign countries. 

The movie has released with 3,000 movie prints in the domestic market and it will also have 3D release in 550 screens. Earlier, director Farhan Akhtar had confirmed that Don 2 will hit the screens in 41 countries, but he did not reveal the number of theatres.

Now let’s wait and see if Don beats Bodyguard at box office business too!
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