Wednesday, 25 January 2012

5 self-defense tricks to be used against eve teasers!

Eve teasing is a social evil faced by almost every woman on this earth. No matter how much the people boasting to be the protectors try but it is difficult to root out this monster.

However, if taken a little care one can surely face this problem securing a win. Check out these 5 self-defense tricks and see how you can face those losers around:   

1. Stay Alert
It is highly important for a woman to be aware of her surroundings while travelling alone, be it day or night. Avoid staying plugged into iPods and Mp3 players or on hands-free devices while walking on the road. Make sure you have the police or close family and friends’ number on speed dial to make it easier to call for help in such situations.

2. Raise the alarm 
Well, often it is better to ignore street romeos who whistle at you or pass nasty comments but if you feel that it is getting on your nerves better take a stand. Either warn them in a calm tone or get quick help from the passers-by. If possible do inform the police too.

3. Body language 
If you find someone leering at you never get agitated, on the contrary show up your confidence self and look at the eve-teaser in the eye. Your strong glare would be enough to unsettle him.

4. Use public transport 
It would be better if you can make use of the public transport avoiding poorly lit streets and isolated alleys.

5. Dress appropriately 
Lastly refrain from wearing skimpy clothes. It is true that women in sarees and suits too get eve teased but then it is always better not to be the attention grabber!
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