Friday, 20 January 2012

Turmeric can help one bag a supple skin!

We have heard lot about the many benefits ofTurmeric which happens to be a staple ingredient in most Indian cuisines. Many researches done on the spice has proved that other than taste, it has many therapeutic effects too. 

Most of us limit the usage of turmeric to sprinkling a little in a glass of warm milk to battle a cold. However, there stand to be much more to the innocuous turmeric than that. Indians have been using turmeric to beautify themselves since ages now. Here are just some reasons why you should be using turmeric as well: 

1. In case you have an uneven skin tone then turmeric is what you need the most. Turmeric evens out the skin tone by reducing the traces of pigmentation. Mix a little turmeric powder along with cucumber juice or lemon juice and apply on skin. Wash it off after 15 minutes. But you have to do it every day if you wish to notice a significant change in your skin color. 

2. Turmeric also makes for an awesome body scrub. This is the reason why most Indian brides smear a paste of turmeric and besan on their bodies before their wedding to get skin that is super smooth, baby soft and glowing. 

3. Other than that applying turmeric and a little milk cream also makes the skin supple and improves its elasticity.

So if you are willing to make your skin glow then do try out turmeric!
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