Sunday, 29 January 2012

Useful Tips To keep Digestive system healthy

Are you suffering from any digestive problem? Have you ever felt overfed or constipated? Today, digestive systemdisorders are tremendously common due to deprived diets and lifestyles. What we eat can contribute to digestive problems. Unfortunately, most of us eat anything for taste without thinking about how it affects our digestive system. But it is very much important to take care of our body and its functionality as health is very precious. Most of the people eat too much processed food and have poor eating habits like eating fast or skipping meals can also be the part of problem of digestion. On the other hand, many digestive problems can be reduced by eating a healthy diet in adequate amounts of fruits, fiber and vegetables.
If you avoid your digestive health, your body might have to face problems like digesting foods and absorbing those nutrients as well as it can have a major negative impact on our body. Digestive systems play a vital role in keeping us healthy and if you neglect digestive problem, it can go up into more serious conditions like colon cancer. So, take a preventive steps rather than curative. By following few steps to improve your digestive health, you can promote a healthy digestive systemand prevent these problems as well as digestive system will start work more efficiently, improving overall health and well being. There are many things which can help to keep digestive system healthy.
Eat a high-fiber diet
A high – fiber diet improves your digestive health and help to prevent or treat many digestive conditions like hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. So, always try to consume a diet which is high in fiber and rich in whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables as it can help to improve your digestive health. The consumption of diet with fiber encourages healthy digestion by removing waste from the body. It may also help to lower risk of colon cancer, control blood sugar, lower cholesterol and maintain a healthy weight. When you include fiber into diet, do it slowly and drink ample of liquids otherwise it may cause pain and bloating.
Do more Exercise
Digestive system is the only system that gets damaged by the kind of lifestyles of the people. Poor eating habits can radically reduce metabolic rate which makes digestion process tough, resulting many kinds of disorders. To relieve from this type of problem, you can prefer the option of exercise. If you do exercise regularly, you can avoid more sickly digestive condition.
Limit foods that are high in fat
Normally, fatty foods slow down the digestive process and make you more inclined to constipation. Combining fatty foods with high-fiber foods can make digestive system easy. Also, avoid oily foods as oil makes it hard for enzymes to break down the food we consumed. Consumption of too many grains helps to clean intestines and is healthy as well. However, eating grains over the normal could also prove to be unhealthy.
Chew thoroughly and Skip the bad habits
Most of time, when people eat, they chew for a bit that makes digestion of food much harder when it gets into your stomach. Always try to chew slowly and properly as digestion of carbohydrates start in your mouth with saliva and enzymes. The enzymes help to break down food and they also attack bacteria. Another thing is that Skip the bad habits to keep the digestion system healthy. Smoking, excessive use of alcohol, coffee and cigarettes can interfere with the functioning of digestive system and creates problems such as heartburn and stomach ulcers. As well, always take meals and snacks on a regular schedule that can help to keep your digestive system healthy.
Water – the Breath of Life
Drinking ample of water is good for digestive health as our bodies are made up of 70% water. Water in digestive system helps liquefy fats and soluble fiber that allow these substances passing through more easily.
Incorporate Probiotics into your diet
Intestines are the home of inner eco system of body where the bacteria and yeast (microflora) live. One way to keep a healthy balance of bacteria and digestion track is ‘Probiotics’. It contains the healthy bacteria; help you digest or enhance absorption of foods, and maintain your immunity strong. As well, it helps break down lactose and treat irritable bowel syndrome. Consumption of sources of probiotics on a daily basis like low-fat yogurt keeps the body healthy by fighting the effects of a poor diet, stress and antibiotics. Mostly people have imbalanced inner ecosystem so the use of Probiotics add healthy microflora to your intestines and bring your inner ecosystem back into balance.
Manage stress
Often our stomach can be an indicator of both mood and stress levels. Too much stress or anxiety can also affect our digestive system. So, discover some of stress reducing activities and carry out them on a regular basis.
Using Reflexology to Help Digestion
Reflexology technique is used to keep digestive system healthy. It is inspiring the pressure points and nerves inside the body using hands or feet. You can use this technique yourself by pressing on various pressure points on your hands.
Use of Green and Leafy vegetables
Eating a lot of green and leafy vegetables improves our metabolism. Vegetables and fresh fruits contain more fiber which eliminate toxic within our system and can assist us with detoxifying the body. The use of onions and garlic in the diet can also improve digestion and decrease further oil from the foods that we eat. In addition, avoid drinking cold water after meals as well as increase the metabolic rate by escalating physical activities.
Yoga to Improve Digestion
If you are suffering from digestive problems like heavy stomach, gas, acidity, stomach pain, bad breath, constipation, etc. then yoga is the best remedy. Digestion problem occurs due to many reasons such as lack of physical activity, stress, allergy of certain food products, improper eating habits and bad diet. By doing Pranayam and Yoga Asanas, you can improve your digestive system.
Choose lean meats
Protein is a vital part of a healthy diet, but fatty cuts of meat can cause improper digestion. When you eat meat, select lean cuts like pork loin and skinless poultry.
Apart from this, we use to spend long working hours sitting on a chair full day that makes our body inactive and idle. Due to this our metabolic rate reduces drastically that makes the digestion process worse and so people have to suffer from improper digestion frequently.

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