Wednesday, 4 January 2012

See what you actually should be eating while hungry!

Generally we all tend to gorge upon large portions when hungry. Owing to this fact, it is very important for us to have high-satiety food options available at hand.

As per clinical wellness expert Namita Jain, "Hunger is your body's cue to eat. Due to habits such as erratic timings and long gaps between meals, hunger cues get out of sync, leading to severe hunger pangs”. She says that to get rid of this habit it is necessary to understand your body clock. Know the difference between actual hunger andstomach contractions

Namita states that eating less but more often is a great way to stay fit and healthy rather than opting for starvation! Explaining further, Namita even suggests as to what to eat and when. She adds that if you are following a particular diet, you will always prefer to carry a lunch box to work. A wheat bread sandwich, idlis (four to five), unpolished rice ( a bowl) and curd, a roti roll filled with vegetables or two to three fruits are apt options for the day. For mid-night hunger pangs, foods like salad sandwich are a big no-no. Instead, one can eat a fruit and drink a glass full of water over it.

Check out some easy ways which can help you in avoiding severe hunger pangs

1. Never skip your breakfast.

2. Eat volumes of low-cal food. Broccoli, cauliflower and veggie salads will fill you up and help stave off hunger.

3. Be slow with the weight losing procedures. Don’t just jump on anything.
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