Friday, 13 January 2012

Study says outspoken students are good learners!

As per a latest study it has been proved that kids who are outspoken tend to learn more as compared to the quiet ones in the classroom.

Edinburgh University academics have claimed that encouraging youngsters to speak out in class could be a more effective way for them to learn. As per the education experts at the university's education faculty, Moray House, allowing secondary children more opportunity to question what they hear, enables them to process knowledge with more effect. 

If permitted to put up their questions freely they learn to come up with all possible questions which they might have in mind. This will not only enhance their level of knowledge but will also make them a better performer.  Dr Pauline Sangster, of Moray House, said: "Our findings suggest that by incorporating such approaches, teachers can improve the pupils'' learning experience”.

Well, the kids who just don’t like the classroom environment have a good excuse to make the teachers show them the door out. Just stay quiet!!
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