Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Hair gel facts you must be aware of......

Hair gel is one of the most commonly used hair-styling product, which is retailed across the world in various formats, including strong-hold or medium-hold gels, organic and colored hair gels. 

But did you know that there stands to be certain must know fact about hair gel. If you guys weren’t aware of any then check them out here:

1. Chemical Nature
All hair gels are basically chemical products. These contain PVPs that are essentially polymers that hold on to the hair without being absorbed into the hair shaft.

2. Efficiency
They are compatible with all types of hair, be it curly, wavy, textured, colored or relaxed hair. The amount of gel applied is usually directly proportional to the period up to which the hair can be maintained in a particular manner.

3. Alcohol Issues
Hair gels with high concentration of alcohol are generally not recommended by popular stylists as the presence of alcohol tends to de-moisture the scalp, drying-out the hair, making it weaker. 

4. Application
It will impart the best result when applied to towel-dried, slightly damp and not wet hair. The gel should be rubbed into the hair and not massaged into the scalp. 

While choosing the right hair gel make sure you go for the ones featuring natural moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera, henna, Amla, chamomile, jojoba or rosemary.
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