Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Know how you can make a girl stop hating you!

If you have feelings for some girl and she is just not that into you and hates you for some silly reason as girls usually do, don’t get upset! We have some really good ways through which you can make it up to the girl and she will stop hating you soon. Follow these simple steps to make a girl stop her hatred for you that she has in her heart:

1. Be Courteous
Though it is very tough for guys to be courteous for those who hate them, but if you want her then you have to do it. Be nice to the girl, open the door for her and pull out a chair for her. If you are interested in her then you should even compliment her as girls are too fond of it.

2. Make her feel comfortable
You should make the girl feel comfortable when you are with her. Take up topic for discussion which she likes so that she doesn’t hesitate in speaking. 

3. Get along with her friends
Girls have a big group of friends and you should try to get into that group and let the other girls find you good. Girls get carried away easily when their friends give them some suggestion about a person.

4. Ignore her
When the girl starts liking you, try and ignore her a little. If she is into you she would become restless to know the reason behind why you have stopped talking to her suddenly, else would just go on her way.
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