Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Make use of coconut milk cream to get smooth skin this winter...

Winters tend to leave our skin dry and devoid of moisture. No matter how much you try, the dryness shows reluctance in leaving.

Well, if you too are worried about the skin’s texture with the freezing winds blowing around then it’s time you try out the wonders of coconut milk cream. Skin experts say that with the cold in the air, using coconut milk is a great idea to warm up in a tub.

Coconut milk that is made out of the inner white matter of the fruit which works in smoothening the skin. It makes the skin smooth and supple and adds to its complexion. The milk content is also useful for treating itchy skin that appears in winter. Coconut milk softens and moisturizes the skin. 

As per skin expert Dr Jaishree Sharad, "There are definite reasons to try it in your beauty regimen. It's good for people with dry, itchy skin. What happens is, coconut milk penetrates till the deepest level of the skin and can lock in the moisture there, which is its biggest advantage. You can put it on in the morning and the skin stays fresh till the evening. It's a great cleanser too. Also, while other soaks or scrubs made of ingredients like olive oil may lead to whiteheads and block pores, coconut milk does not block skin pores. It's a good idea to use it in your bath soak, moisturizer, lip and facial care routines”.

So you know what your skin needs now!
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