Monday, 28 November 2011

Bigg Boss 5 contestant Pooja Missra is upset with tags!

The most popular contestant of Bigg Boss 5 onColors Pooja Missra, who is known for her violent behavior, has been thrown out of the house. 

It has been reported that Pooja’s exit from the show was followed after her violent encounter with another of the house inmate, Siddharth. Pooja’s aggressiveness and her wild ways are known to all in the house but things went beyond anyone’s tolerance when she got violent with Siddharth and pushed him back!

Well, this was the end of her journey in the house and the lady was soon out with her baggage! While talking to the media which seemed to be highly keen in hearing to the Dabangg lady, Pooja said, "My heart is broken too! I am shocked to know that I have been tagged as violent, druggie and what not! How will I live with these tags! I'm right now in a transition phase”.

When questioned about her violent reaction to Sid, she replied: "How does one define violence? To me violence is beating someone black and blue! I don't think I did anything like that! But now I will get some sleep and take life easy for a while! And I will try and get adjusted back in the real world, listening to music and surfing internet”.

Though we know you must be feeling sad Pooja but we think these tags aren’t that bad after all Kuch Daag Ache Hote Hain…what say??
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