Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Kitchen beauty secrets of the stars

We uncover the secrets that keep our glam girls looking gorgeous...
They may look like goddesses on the big screen and the red carpet, but even celebrities have their off days. And although they have an entourage of stylists and make up artists to make them look sensational, some stars also have kitchen beauty secrets that they swear by. Here are a few...
Aanchal Kumar
In my profession, we use loads of make up and our timings are awkward. So dark circles develop quite frequently. A home remedy I use is to mix lemon juice and tomato juice and apply it around my eyes. Trust me, it works instantly, and is better than any under eye cream.

Mini Mathur
Once a model friend of mine told me that when you have a zit, an easy way to get rid of it is by mixing a little sugar in water and applying it on that zit. Sugar is an astringent and helps close pores. Another time, right before a shoot, my blush got over. So I rushed into the hotel's kitchen where we were shooting and took some slices of beetroot. I rubbed it on my cheek bones right before applying my make up, and you won't believe the instant glow it gave me.
Neha Dhupia
Though it tastes extremely bitter, I drink aloe vera juice everyday . I have an aloe vera plant in my house. I feel it is a cure for everything. It is not only great for the skin and blood, but it also heals cuts and bruises because of it's medicinal qualities.
Amisha Patel
For my hair, I use a mixture of almonds and oil. My grandmom would make this oil out of 15-17 different kind of Ayurvedic products, so I could apply it on my hair. I also apply raw eggs on my hair, keep it on for 15-20 minutes till it hardens, and then wash it off. This gives my hair bounce. Also, for my skin, I apply a mix of turmeric powder and besan (gram powder) added to milk or yoghurt. This makes my skin glow.

Sonal Chauhan
I personally feel that I look beautiful when I'm well fed. The moment I am hungry, I feel my face drops, so I need to be well-fed always. I also mix honey and oats and apply it on my face, leaving it for some time and then scrub it off. It works wonders.
Angela Jonsson
I use milk on my face on a regular basis. In fact, I wash my face with milk, as it cleanses my skin and softens it. I also place hot tea bags on my lips. They are great as they soften my lips and make them look fuller.
Here's what Hollywood hotties prefer...
Demi Moore
Detoxes in a rather unique way. She uses medical leeches — creatures grown in a laboratory specifically to suck the blood of a person to detoxify.
Michelle Yeoh
Uses lemon juice to keep her face clean. Best for oily skin, the acid in lemon removes natural oils and also makes stubborn dirt come off the pores.

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