Friday, 4 November 2011

Full Body workout with finest exercises!

A full body workout is very important to look toned and fit. Though there are exercises for each and every part of body but with the help of some particular exercises you can make your whole body in shape. So have a quick glance at them.

Squats: Stand straight and spread your legs to your shoulder width. Keeping your back straight, bend a little! Than move up and down. Remember not to let your knees extend further than your toes. Squats are great for a toned torso and strong toned legs and thighs.

Pushups: Lie down on floor on your stomach. Now go as low as you can go by bending your elbows keeping your body stiff. Then push up. Repeat as many times as you can within a minute. Pushups are great for the core and the upper body including your chest, arms biceps, and triceps.

Lunges: Stand straight. Now take a big step forward till your leg goes parallel to the floor. Push back with the heel of your foot. You can also hold some weight to make it more effective.

Crawls: There are different types of crawls which can help you to make your whole body tight and fit. Bear crawls, crab crawls, duck walks, bear crawl leaps are its types and at the same time it is fun also.
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