Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Kristen's wedding gown

All are waiting eagerly for the release of the last part of the much acclaimed “Twilight” series. “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” happens to be the end of this extra ordinary love story that started off between a vampire and a stunning beauty.

Makers of the final part are leaving no stone unturned in making it the biggest eye catcher for all! As per the plot of the series, the main highlight of this part if going to be the marriage of the two main protagonistsEdward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) andBella Swan (Kristen Stewart). The marriage plot is going to be the main twist of the whole drama, which is certainly an unusual tie of knot.

The ones associated with the film want to make it the most interesting part of the film. The preparations for this have already begun and all are working on getting the right kind of wedding gown for Kristen. The reel life wedding is creating a lot of hype and all are counting as to how the D-day for Bella and Edward would turn out to be?

When Stephanie Meyer, who wrote all the books of the “Twilight” series, was asked about the wedding gown she said, “The dress is an “interesting mix,” states. It has a vintage feel, but at the same time, there’s an edge to it. It’s really beautiful”. She even added that eventually it would be Stewart who would be making the dress better with her incredibly stunning looks.

Well, that’s something very interesting to be watched out for! We are sure, all the “Twilight” fans must be eager to watch out for their beloved Bella’s wedding gown!! Hope it just makes all go WOW!
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