Monday, 7 November 2011

Television actress Ratan Rajput is patiently waiting for Salman Khan!

What’s the first thing that clicks in mind after hearing the name of television actress Ratan Rajput? Yes you’re right, it’s Lalli; the character played by her in her show Agle janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo on Zee TV. The actress was last seen on television in her reality dramatic show Ratan Ka Rishta on Imagine TV

She’s a big fan of Salman Khan and is desperately waiting to meet him for the past two years. Before you get any ideas thinking that Ratan is now willing to steal Sallu’s bachelorhood let us tell you that this wait is concerning a promise made to the actress by the star!

It is heard that two years back when Ratan had participated in Dus Ka Dum, hosted by Salman, the actor had promised to send her a painting made by him. It’s been two years and Ratan still has to receive a word from the superstar. She has even left a portion of the wall vacant in the new house she has acquired recently so that she will have a spot to hang the painting when it comes.

Ratan admits, “The world is very small and I will certainly meet Salman somewhere and my house wall will surely get what it deserves”.

Knowing that Sallu does keep his promises, guess Ratan will get what she has patiently waited for so long.
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