Monday, 28 November 2011

Pick up a precise perfume for winters and smell good!

Generally women are associated with theirdelicacy and fragrance and perfumes are the first love for them. But do you know that different seasons have different fragrances suiting them. Summers and springs lend you a floral feeling where as winters is the time to go hot and sexy

Training Manager, Fiona Caroline, Parfum Christian Dior, Mumbai, says, “During the winters, heavy clothing and the fall in the temperature does not emanate the fragrance as easily as it would in the summer or the spring season. Winter perfumes depend on one’s body chemistry. If your skin is dry and dehydrated, your body needs a fragrance which has an essence that is warm and intense, as compared to other seasons. Fragrances linger well on skin that is not dry and enhances the staying power of the fragrance”.

There are some tips which can help you to choose your right scent. So have a look:

1). Never inhale five six perfumes together. Give yourself five minutes between smelling each perfume. 

2). Never rub your one wrist with another if you have sprayed the perfume on it as it will destroy some of the top notes. 

3). Winter scents include sweet notes like amber, vanilla, cinnamon oranges, caramel, lemon, honey. 

So choose your taste these winters accordingly and get set going.

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