Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Make-up base for every skin type

It's a famous saying that a woman's makeup kit is empty without a foundation, compact and a concealer. They are meant for all skin types. But, choosing according to your skin tone and requirement is essential.
Just as foundations form the base for your makeup, compacts are used as a light cover-up. This works best for oily skin. The powders are numbered to match the liquid foundations.

Concealers are meant to be applied over naked skin. It is better to choose a natural shade that blends well with your skin tone. They come in a variety of formulations, and are to be used by the pat-and-blend technique.
Makeup expert, Reema Sablok, says, "Foundations are the base for your makeup, thus you need to know whether your complexion is of a yellow or a red undertone for a perfect finish."
Recognize your skin
Normal skin
-Complexion is even.
-The surface of the skin is neither too oily nor too dry.
-Lotion-based foundations are recommended.
Oily skin
-The face will have an allover shine.
-The face leaves behind acne and pigmentation marks.
-Makeup expert, Clint Fernandes, says, "Women with oily skin should ideally opt for foundations which are water-based or rather should only go in for compacts and a concealer. Since, sunscreen is usually heavy, the base of the makeup should be matte finish to remove the facial tissue of any excess oils. The shade of the foundation should not be either a shade lighter or darker than the skin tone. The trick is to keep it as minimal as possible."
Dry skin
-The face looks and feels dry and tight.
-Cream-based liquid foundations are advisable.
-Applying a compact powder on dry skin can make it feel parched.
Tone it right
Minimal is the mantra these days. Select a few shades that seem close to your natural skin tone. Make sure to sample it in natural light, since stores usually have fluorescent bulbs. Try the color on your jawline, not on your wrists and hands to check the seamless blend.
-It is always safer to opt for a water-based foundation.
-A sheer foundation and a good concealer are musts for creating the illusion for a perfect skin.
-While applying foundation, your aim should be for a lighter coverage.
-Add a drop of water to the foundation to blend well.
-Dab compact after the foundation is applied. This will give the skin sheen and will not make it look too heavy.
-Avoid applying too much of compact powder. And dust off all the excess.
-Make-up artist, Bharat Godambe, says, "Liquid foundation is the best one for women with a dusky complexion. Also, it is very important to keep in mind that the shade of the foundation should be very close to that of the skin tone, to avoid looking white."
-Choose a concealer and foundation which have yellow pigments.
-Earthy shades go very well with wheatish complexion.
-Never use a foundation which has a pinkish tone; this will make your skin look grey.
-Apply a compact after the foundation to lend a smooth surface to your skin.
-Determine whether your fairness is rosy pink or pale gold.
-According to the tone, select a shade which is closer to your skin shade.
-Select warmer tones for an even complexion.
Types of foundation
Cream foundation
-Ideal for normal, combination and dry skin types. It is specially suited for women with uneven pigmentation, or those requiring a heavy coverage.
-Lends medium or full coverage.
-Has a dewy finish.
-Covers and conceals discolorations and imperfections on the skin and provides a flawless finish.
Liquid foundation
-Is ideal for all skin types. It is well-suited for dry or mature skin.
-Lends a light to medium coverage.
-Has a satin, matte or dewy finish depending on the formulation.
-It evens out the skin tone by smoothing out any unevenness. It also provides added moisture to the skin.
Pressed powder foundation
-Is ideal for oily skin.
-Lends a light to medium coverage
-Has a matte finish look.
-Evens out the skin tone, hides the imperfections and absorbs the excess oil.
-Should be applied with the help of a powder brush. The bristles should be dense.
Mineral foundation
-Ideal for all skin types, except oily. It is specially suited for those with sensitive skin or Rosacea.
-Lends a matte finish look.
-Has a light to medium coverage.
-Evens out the skin tone, moisturizes, protects and absorbs the excess oil.
-Use a kabuki brush to buff it on.
Tinted moisturizing foundation
-Ideal for normal and dry skin.
-It is well-suited for those who need extra hydration and just a touch of colour to pull it off.
-Lends a sheer to light coverage.
-Lightly evens out the skin tone, giving a nude or a natural look.

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